Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm not sure what to title this post

Should I say "Yeah! We sold out today!" Or should I say "Holy %&@#$, I'm exhausted?"

Both are true and one makes me very happy and the other, while expected, is not fun. This is really physical work, and as I said to a friend today, nothing like earning a "cushy" living — relatively speaking — sitting on your tush all day. All you dreamers and potential street vendors, take note: THIS IS HARD, HARD WORK. The idea of working your butt off for 16 or more hours and then doing it again the next day can't scare you off.

But it will try. Oh, yes, it will try.

Thanks everyone who made today such a success. Thanks to our "regulars." Yes, I do remember your faces and your names (Quinn!), those of you who stopped by before. How could I forget you?

Btw, since our Red Velvet Jones is looking like it'll be very popular, we plan to add it to our daily menu along with our Chocolate Ruin. Don't blame me, I tried to tell you they would do you in.


Just kidding. You guys are awesome! Thank you for being part of this crazy dream!