Thursday, November 29, 2012

York Street (near Chapel/Yale Rep) at 2pm today!

Come try our December special flavor, Cranberry Walnut along with your other favorites. We have Chocolate, Red Velvet, Vanilla and Pumpkin Spice cupcakes with Chocolate, Vanilla, Cream Cheese and Salted Caramel Frostings. Come and get 'em!

Don't forget, you can also buy our cupcakes (regular and gluten free) at Wilton Village Market and Stewart's Market in New Canaan. We are working hard on a few other options to make sure you get your Cupcake Truck fix through the coming winter months as well. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

York Street in New Haven 2pm this Thursday 11/29

Come try our new Cranberry Walnut cupcakes along with your old faves like Red Velvet, Salted Caramel and more. We'll update you with our exact parking spot tomorrow morning. See you on the street Truckers!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Parking Downtown New Haven today @1pm

Hello all!

The Cupcake Truck will be parked on the corner of York and Chapel street today over by the Yale Repertory theatre at 1PM. 

Cupcake Flavors:
Red Velvet Jones, Pumpkin Spice, Dark Chocolate and Ultimate Vanilla

Vanilla, Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Cream Cheese

We recommend arriving early to assure your flavor isn't sold out.

Stay Sweet

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Parking downtown New Haven Thursday

Hey Truckers,

We had a blast making new friends in Wilton this past Monday at The Village Market.  It's always hard to explain just how delicious our product is to those who have never tasted it before, but luckily good taste doesn't lie to those who know quality when they eat it :O)

A special thank you to Patricia who sent at least 20 of her co workers back to us that same day after sampling our Hazelnut Swirl Cupcake!

The Cupcake Truck will be parking downtown New Haven tomorrow (most likely near the Yale Rep theatre) but will give you exact time and location first thing Thursday.

Until then, stay sweet!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sandy Recovery, Fall Plans and Free Cupcakes

Thanks to all our loyal Truckers who reached out to find out how things have been over the past couple of weeks. While we lost power for a few days at home and at our baking facility and rescheduled or canceled a few events, compared to lots of others we fared pretty well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people still affected by the storms.

Stop by The Village Market in Wilton from 11:30 until 2pm today and grab a free sample of Red Velvet, Vanilla or Chocolate (gluten free Chocolate, too) and then head inside to buy some more. They have lots of great stuff (fabulous soups!) including more locally sourced goodies.

Email your holiday orders for pickup or delivery (ask about our current delivery policies) to If you want a holiday to remember, reserve your date for your upcoming private or corporate party (we've got a vehicle for both indoors or outdoors).

Thank you, Terrence, and all the other veterans who did/do their duty for their family and country. Today, as always, we salute you.