Monday, November 3, 2008

"It's Election week. I need my cupcakes!"

We hear you. So we'll get right to the point.

Yes. The Truck WILL park this week from Wednesday to Friday.

We know it's sort of cruel and unusual punishment to make you wait a week to satisfy your cupcake cravings, especially when so many of you have told us that we've changed things. Elevated your standards and made it impossible for you to raid the office vending machine because your taste buds will no longer settle for Twinkies and other mass produced "baked goods." We do understand but there was much work to be done you understand.

You'd be amazed how much does not get done while you while away the hours of your day baking and chatting with folks about baking. For instance, you forget all about that whole taking-down-the-fall-
clothes-and-putting-away-the summer-ones thing. Until it's suddenly 40 degrees and your fingers are freezing along with your luscious Chocolate Ganache.

Anyway, the point is. In between filling orders, planning for our next phase and traveling out of the country, we've tried to steal some desperately needed time to get real life stuff done. How'd it go? We love our t-shirts but now we have sweaters and long underwear to wear with them :)

Okay, okay, on to the rest of the stuff you really want to know.

Yes. We will continue to take/fill orders for PICK UP ONLY at the truck during the week (LIMITED deliveries on weekends) as long as the truck is parked.

Yes. We will do our very best to return your e-mails, calls and queries in as timely a manner as possible.

Yes. We will have holiday gift cards that we think your friends, family and coworkers will love.

Yes. We will soon start selling our t-shirts and other fun promotional stuff.

Yes. We will have all your favorites (love that Hummingbird!) and add a new item or two to our menu. Think pumpkins. Maple. Spice.

Yes. We will soon start making cupcake deliveries so you won't have to stand out in the cold.

Have a happy Monday!