Thursday, September 11, 2008

Season of change

With Fall in the air, you may notice a few changes at the Truck.

Today, for instance, it's cool enough for us to introduce another kind of vanilla frosting. A very traditional home-style frosting that usually goes well with Red Velvet cake, but one that also goes well with...well, anything really.

It's silky, smooth and very rich. So how is it different from our usual Vanilla Buttercream. I'd say it tastes a bit more buttery and is a little bit heavier on the tongue. You gotta try it and see for yourself. And while you're at it you have to try our Whipped Chocolate Ganache Frosting — more chocolatey and ruinous than our sort-of heat-resistant summer Chocolate Buttercream.

No, our White Chocolate Cream Cheese won't be changing. We wouldn't want to start a riot. :)

Some of you may also notice that some of our cupcakes were baked in these cute cupcake papers. We had planned to use these fancy, decorated papers at one time but opted instead for simple white papers, which we like because there's nothing to get between you and your cupcake. Nothing to distract your eye as you bring your Red Velvet or Chocolate or Caramel or whatever closer and closer for a bite. But we still had the fancy papers and we decided to treat you today. Enjoy!

What else?

You know there's so much that goes through your head at 5 in the morning as you rush around the kitchen, knee deep in butter and flour, no pencil in sight and you think "oh yeah, I have to talk about this" and fast forward three hours and it's all gone completely out of your head.

Have a wonderful day. We hope all your thoughts today are sweet ones.