Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love "cut & paste" but...

It's not always the best idea when you're in a hurry. What I'm trying to say is SORRY FOLKS! We were not on Temple Street yesterday.

We meant to say we'd be on "Cedar Street" and then wouldn't you know it, we forgot our trusty laptop so we couldn't even update the blog. (Note to self: remember to turn on feature that allows blog updates via cellphone).

Our Temple Street appearance turned out to be a fantastic treat for us but it may be a rare one. Our big old truck is not easy to park near the Green and if it were not for some special privileges — thank you to Ginny, Amy and the New Haven Traffic and Police Departments or making it possible! — we wouldn't have been able to bring our goodies to you just yet.
That said, we're working furiously to bring our cupcakes to all the people who work near the Green. Especially the folks in the Conn. Financial Center who've emailed and called and begged and cajoled. We are hoping that we can find a spot near to you at least once a week so that you, too, can get your sugar fix. So stay tuned!

Sachem Street and Cedar Street, you will still be on our schedule. So do not worry.

Have a great day everyone!