Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a treat!

Whew! What a busy week and weekend it's been. We've literally steamed through the past few days — they've been kinda hot dontcha think? — and served cupcakes to so many different people.

Let's see. There was Julie and her caring staff and co-workers at the Children's Center of Hamden. Amy and other art lovers at the Guilford Art Center. Local farmers, artisans and "fooderati" such as Carol and Chip of Ashlawn Farm Coffee (thanks for having us), Erica Tannen of the e-list and culinary/baking guru Dorie Greenspan (love her books!) all of whom we met at the Lyme Farmer's Market on Saturday. Not to mention all the wonderful Cupcake Truckers we always meet on the street, at traffic lights, gas stations, intersections and everywhere in between. And we probably forgot a few people.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. We're busy, busy, busy and will be back in a day or two with news about our one-year celebration, the winning Peanut Butter flavor, a "greener" Cupcake Truck and more. Stay tuned!