Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thanks for coming out yesterday

No parking today but...

What a welcome to hear your cheers and see your smiling faces patiently waiting with the WTNH News Channel 8 crew yesterday.

Thanks for celebrating our first year with us. Thanks for your well-wishes, and your compliments and for recognizing the hard work that goes into making delicious cupcakes and frosting entirely from scratch every day. From using the best stuff, including a good handful of love. From not cutting corners to make a quick buck. From putting people first. And from serving them with a smile.

Thanks also to all the Cupcake Truckers who brought us gifts and always bring us gifts. Barbara and family for the delicious homemade jam, flowers and "birthday" card. Our "Sunshine" and her friends from the Yale Med School who brought us a little souvenir from Seattle. Our friend who provided the cute cupcake candles we gave out yesterday (we've got some more to giveaway). And all the other wonderful folks, too many to list individually.

Whether you came from just down the road in Connecticut, from New York or from as far away as Florida and whether it was your first visit or your twenty-first :) we hope that you enjoyed your free cupcake and that we'll see lots more of you in the next year and the ones to come.

In the meantime, we'll see you tomorrow. With more Peanut Butter.