Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today: St. Raphael's @ 1. YNHH @ 3:30

It's a glorious, sunshiny day. So come on out and enjoy it with a Cupcake Truck cupcake. Here's the scoop for today:

1) St. Raphael's Hospital (Sherman Ave) - 1-3:00ish
2) New Haven Hospital (near Cedar & York intersection) - 3:3-5:30ish

The finish times above are only our best guess. We have no idea how many people will show up, nor how many Red Velvet cupcakes will be left, nor what exact time we will be sold out, if at all. Thanks for your understanding.

Chocolate Ruin
Red Velvet Jones

TOP IT OFF (included)
Vanilla Frosting
Chocolate Frosting
Caramel Frosting
White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting
Any Frosting Shot ($1)

Sprinkles (Rainbow or Chocolate) (25¢)
Premium Sprinkles (Chocolate or White) (50¢)
Toasted Nuts (25¢)
Coconut Flakes (25¢)
Oreo Bits (25¢)
M&M Bits (25¢)
Cocoa Nibs (50¢)
Fleur de Sel (50¢)
Organic Candied Flower (75¢)
Edible Gold Flakes ($1)

To place an order for a dozen or more, please e-mail us at least 24 hours in advance:

You are only able to get four of each cupcake flavor maximum at the Truck. You can order up to a dozen cupcakes at the Truck but please be prepared to wait a few minutes as we custom frost and decorate your cupcakes to order.

As of April 1, we are no longer making cupcake deliveries for orders of fewer than 4 dozen cupcakes. If you'd like to order 1 dozen or any number up to 4 dozen cupcakes, we are happy to fill your order and have it waiting for you at the Truck, which will now be parking much more frequently, provided the weather is cooperating.