Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No parking today. We'll be out Thurs to Sat

Sorry Cupcake Truckers. We've got some fun things happening later this week and need the planning/prep time.

Tomorrow, we have a couple of events/deliveries and we're gearing up for the Taste of New Haven event next Wednesday. More on this later this week.

As far as Thursday, it's looking like we might not be at Quinnipiac University for their Relay for Life event after all. We'd still love to come and we're all set to do so but it's up to the folks in charge. If we don't stop by tomorrow, don't despair! We will definitely be back by the end of the month for another Ballroom Society fundraising event 'cause it was fun last time. And we'll just plan to hit the streets in one or two of our usual spots. We'll update our blog by tomorrow morning.

We'll be going to a new Truck Stop...The Long Wharf Maritime Center from 1:30 to 3. We'll be parked in the driveway between the garage and Building I and if you can make it, we'll see you there.

We're supposed to be doing another Relay for Life cancer awareness event at the Yale Gym. We hope those who can will come out and support this great cause.

Have a nice day everyone!