Saturday, March 10, 2012

York Street at 5:30. Also, local family in need.

We'll be out on York Street near the Yale Rep, or wherever parking permits this evening with the cupcakes you love. Chocolate, Red Velvet, Vanilla along with Chocolate, Vanilla and your new favorite, Chocolate Cream Cheese. We hope to see you then. Tomorrow, we're planning to stop back in Greenwich and we'll update you via Twitter and our blog tomorrow morning at the latest.

If you enjoy your dessert and your St. Patrick's festivities, we ask you to keep in your mind, hearts and prayers those in our community who are sick. Today, there is a mother with stage 3 cancer and a 7-month old baby who fights for her life. Do we need to say more? We've been asked to respect her privacy and we totally understand. Anyway, we've happily donated some cupcakes so that her caring co-workers can help raise some much needed funds. If you happen to be in Milford at the parade today, you just might be able to help out and win some fantastic treats. If not, we hope you will send some positive thoughts their way. It's desperately needed.

If you managed to snag tickets to the 2012 Trend Show at Lord & Taylor, be sure to also enjoy some delicious mini cupcakes baked by yours truly. For the rest of you, we think there just might be the chance to win a goody basket in your near future :)