Friday, April 22, 2011

Here's to a Happier, Healthier Earth!

We've been pondering how best to celebrate the amazing planet we all share. We finally decided that nothing short of a fantastic new cupcake would do, one that could live on on our menu.


Have we got a treat for you today! Whether or not you're into "healthy" food, we have a cupcake that you're gonna absolutely lo-ove. We call it The Health Nut and it's full of wonderful stuff and is seriously delicious. It has NO dairy (milk, cream, butter), eggs, white flour, tons of sugar or any artificial flavors.

What it does have is organic whole wheat flour, antioxidant-rich organic cocoa, organic, fresh-ground flax seeds, non-GMO soy milk, non-hydrogenated shortening and margarine, natural peanut butter and organic coconut oil. And that frosting! Fluffy, creamy, chocolatey and nutty all at the same time. We have a limited supply in our store today and we hope you can stop in.


We'll be sure to bring some more with us when we park tomorrow. We were invited to stop by Artspace in New Haven for a fashion seminar event called "The Urban Catwalk". We're still working on the parking particulars and will confirm once we know them.

Can't make it to the store or Truck this week. Here are two more simple ways to make a difference in the world. 1) Join the Elm City Market Coop. 2) Plant something. Even if you live in the tiniest apartment ever, you can still grow a tomato plant in a pot and enjoy at least one fresh, healthy vegetable for many months of the year.

Happy Eating!