Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update to this week's schedule

We've firmed up our plans for this week and while we won't make it to every Truck Stop on our list, we will be going to some new places...like Westville. We will definitely return to our other regular stops next week. Btw, we hear it's Teacher Appreciation Week. So be sure to appreciate a teacher you know in whatever ways you can. Sure, apples are nice. But isn't a cupcake sweeter? :)

1) St. Raphael's Hospital (between Chapel & George, 1 to 3ish)
2) Cedar St/Yale New Haven Hospital (near York, 3:30 to 5ish)
Today's flavors: Chocolate, Red Velvet, Sweet Potato Pecan and Vanilla cupcakes. (Vanilla is a little rainy day treat. So we have a 2 per person limit). Also, we'll bring a canopy/tent to help keep you dry.

1) Sachem St. (between Whitney & Prospect, 1 to 2:30ish)
2) Private evening event

1) Private event

1) 25 Science Park (rear parking lot, between Munson & Tilton, 1 to 2:30ish)
2) Westville Village (exact location and time TBD)
We're stopping by as part of the kickoff of Artwalk 2009. Check out the website for more information and come out and enjoy some great art, food and entertainment this weekend.

1) Private events