Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today - Carrigan Car Show/The Study Hotel

It's a glorious, sunshiny Saturday morning and we will be parking the Truck in two locations today and we know one of them has got to be close to where you are. Right?

1) Come check out all the cool cars, crafts and cupcakes at the Cruzin' with Carrigan Car Show & Craft Fair. Carrigan Middle School, 2 Tetlow Street, West Haven. From about 11:30ish till...

2) The Study Hotel in New Haven. That's at 1157 Chapel Street, between York and Park from 4:30-to-6ish. We look forward to meeting all you Yale alumni!

We've got Chocolate, Vanilla and, of course, Red Velvet cupcakes. And this might just your last chance to get 'em before we're back from a little break around mid-June. So come and get 'em and enjoy your weekend!