Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hey Truckers,  Seems as if someone managed to illegally place their own business information on our blog page for their own personal gain :O(

Their are three facts of life that we know exist:

1) Good people (no matter how hard) try to do good things

Fact 2) Bad people do bad things with no regard for morality or caring.  They have a tendency to hurt  others and destroy the environment.

Fact 3) Every living thing in this world has and expiration date (including all humans) and no one really knows what lay on the other side for the good or bad energy you create in your lifetime. But we know that energy changes it's form but never ceases to exist.

Oh yeah, there is a fourth fact of "The Cupcake Truck" having absolutely no afilliation with the food-driven .com website based in MN

Stay cool and be good truckers!