Saturday, June 8, 2013

Culinary Greed

Happy Saturday Truckers! 

It's incredible how many bakeries are just concentrating on the fluff of their food product for fear of losing money.  Since real consumer health is not in fashion yet, most of the sweet shops blissfully tweet and blog about today's en vogue flavor or promotion while gently and knowingly leading it's trusting public over the gmo cliff of destruction.  Each day we eat these genetically manipulated seeds butters, foods is another day closer to who knows what inside of us.  If it was no risk there would be no law against labeling right?

The fact is that we need to know what we are eating and there is no possible way to trust anyone or anybody who declines to answer.  There seems to be an air of moral ambivalence sweeping across the land when it comes to the most pressing matters.

We refuse to get caught up in the fluff because good natural food is way to important.

Have a fantastic weekend.