Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day, responsibilities & broken campaign promises.

Unlike other bakeries, we'd rather inform you that the titanic is sinking instead of trying to get those last few dollars to close a sale before you feel the icy cold rush of sea water hit your back!  

There was a promise in 2008 to label Genetically Modified Foods so people could be informed to what they ate.  Unfortunately, something pretty awful was signed into law that is pretty bad for humanity and earth itself.

The utter lack of transparency makes you feel as if there is something they would like to hide?

All these other cupcake, cake cookie and food shops care more about making a profit than your well being.  Tweets and blogs speak about today's cutie cake muffin top masterpiece and so on.

Earth day, organic natural labeling will become a complete farce if we don't repeal the monsanto protection act that was passed.

Common sense policy would make any fair minded person see the dangers to humanity and earth life!

Food is Life!

p.s if the first video was too playful, check this one: