Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday Truckers!

Hope you all had the best of weekends and for those of you who didn't, our condolences and better luck next time :O)

We had a fantastic time baking for our new friends Lizzy, Donald and Margaret over the weekend and we look forward to you guys spreading the word  for us on America's Original way up north!

There have been a lot of emails asking about our new location in Westport and how to get the goods so we will put together a simple Q and A on our blog and emails so you guys can get the skinny on tastings, delivery, pickups and rentals.  See you later in the week.


ALSO, for those of you looking for the original cupcake truck just look out for our cute little truck logo below.  If you don't see this logo or our business name "The Cupcake Truck" then it's not us and won't taste like the original.