Sunday, February 19, 2012

York Street today at 2pm. NEW flavor alert!

RUMINATIONS (in every sense of the word)
We still enjoy our cupcakes just about every day. No more than one. Or two :) We're always ducking and weaving in this business though. So no, we haven't gained too much.

One of us is partial to Chocolate with anything. It's fantastic for breakfast with a cup of coffee. For lunch with a glass of milk or water. Or as an after dinner treat with some ice cream :) That particular baker doesn't often have Red Velvet because, well, Chocolate is just their downfall. But yesterday, they grabbed a fresh out-of-the-oven Red that had fallen apart because it was so tender. Somebody had to eat it. Anyway, it was slathered in Chocolate (what else?) Buttercream holding its bottom and top together and was insanely, mind-alteringly good. In fact, that's all they thought and talked about all day. Said baker is eying another Red (its naked this time) RIGNT NOW. Control yourself! It's not even 10 am

Stop by the Truck on York Street near the Yale Rep at 2 pm and get some Chocolate, Red Velvet, Caramel, Double Chocolate Delight cupcakes with whatever frosting tickles your tastebuds. We have a new indulgent buttercream for you to try...RUM RAISIN. Try it and rum-inate for yourself.