Wednesday, January 11, 2012

York St. at 1:30 today

We'll shoot for a spot near the Yale Rep again but will update you around 1:30 with our exact parking spot on York. On the menu are Chocolate, Red Velvet, Vanilla with assorted frostings including Salted Caramel, Le Noisette and others.

Speaking of noisettes. Something about that little nut awakened our inner Francophile and we've been in the kitchen working on that most temperamental of p√Ętisseries...les macarons. Our first batch, like so many other hapless first batches, wound up in the trash. Our second attempt was a bit more successful though footless and hopelessly cracked. Some would call that a failure but they tasted so darn yummy, we thought, "Hey, isn't that's what we're all about?" We never ever claimed to have the prettiest cupcakes. Our cupcakes look and taste like someone's mom, dad or grandma made 'em. And we like that and so, it seems, do many of you. So why not indulge you in this almost-there second batch while working on our recette. We think we know what we did wrong and hope to have a triumphant perfect batch at some point very soon. So also on our menu, scratch-made, handmade, homemade macarons!

We heart our Cupcake Truckers! Thanks, Mike, for thinking of us on your trip and for bringing us back a bit of warm, sunny Rio. Don't you just want to be there on Copacabana Beach right now?