Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catching the holiday spirit

We always know when the holiday season is upon us. Not because the leaves have all turned brown are falling fast and furious. Or because the inevitable barrage of toy/gift/car commercials have started. But because we see egg nog on the shelves again.

Something about egg nog just gets us excited and puts us in a really good mood. We want to buy it, drink it and experiment with it as only bakers can. What's not to love about eggs, cream and that wonderful and powerful but oh-so-temperamental nutmeg? We want to put egg nog in everything and we try. Oh yes, we try. Like last year's mini Egg Nog Cheesecakes and today at our bakery, Rum 'n Nog Cupcakes. Our twist on traditional rum cakes and ode to good old egg nog.

We hope you get to try this decadent, decidedly adult treat and that it warms you in all the right places and puts you in the holiday spirit, too.