Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Cupcake Truckers!

To all our loyal fans, thank you for a wonderful 2010 and thanks for sticking with us, the Original Cupcake Truck :)

We know you miss seeing the Truck these days and we miss you, too but we have to take enough time to really get to know and love our new kitchen/headquarters. Seriously, moving to a new space takes a lot of learning and tweaking. We are still a very small, local business. So we can't do it like the big boys do, you know with long opening hours and thousands of cupcakes on our shelves. We still bake in small batches and make our frostings in small quantities EVERY single day. Takes commitment and sometimes a few steps back to get it all right.

We do plan to see lots more of you in the coming year when we will have lots of fun, new treats like the "Red Velvet Whoopies" (think two yummy, chewy Red Velvet "cookies" sandwiched together with a thick layer of vanilla or chocolate cream filling and decorated with colorful sprinkles) available today at our new store, along with your regular favorites.

In the meantime, have a safe and happy New Year everyone and we'll see you very soon!