Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tue: parking change. Plus, upcoming plans

Not-So-Great News First:
We have to cancel our visit to College Street today. Sorry folks but it's necessary because of our really good news...

Really Good News:
We passed our final inspection for our retail store (hooray!) and now the race to the finish line is really on. That means we will be parking intermittently over the next few weeks but will continue to do special events (Foxwoods on 8/3, Branford Lobster Shack on 8/14, Woodmont Farmers' Market on 8/11 and 9/8 and more!) private parties and deliveries for larger orders (please contact us at baker@followthatcupcake.com to find out more)

Thanks in advance for your understanding as we truck into this next exciting phase of our business. We look forward to all the fun things that having our own space will allow us to do for you...like having a consistent parking schedule, a designated place for you to pick up orders and even the ability to ship cupcakes to you wherever you may be.

So keep an eye on our blog/Twitter updates to find our when we'll be out on the street. We will do our very best to update you the night before as much as possible and when we might be in your neck of the woods.

For more info on the new store, visit toppingscupcakes.com.