Monday, February 1, 2010

Closed Monday. What's going on for Feb?

This week, we'll be parking from Tuesday on, weather permitting, to bring a little sunshine during what can feel like the longest month of the year. Look for us at Yale New Haven Hospital tomorrow.

Vegans Rejoice!
Instead of a new flavor of the month, we're going to test out baking some of our vegan cupcakes every day. (Thanks to everyone who voted in our poll btw.) We'll have a limited supply available each day, so if you want 'em, come early. If you want more than a dozen, email your order and we'll custom bake them for you.

Valentine's Day
We'll have a special flavor available just for this time only. Stay tuned for details.

Whether you're pooling your order together with co-workers or ordering for your family, just email us at: NOTE: minimum order of 1 dozen for pickup at the Truck, 2-dozen for a delivery to Downtown New Haven and nearby areas and 4-dozen minimum elsewhere.