Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hope you had a great week, Cupcake Truckers. We're busy preparing for winter and taking care of business :) but we'll be back on the street next week in some old and new Truck Stops. Details to come. Btw, we'll have a new seasonal flavor, something "pumpkin-y" that we'll be baking every Friday this month instead of our sunny Lemon cupcakes which will be hibernating for the winter and back on the menu next spring.

Oh, thanks to everyone who stopped by the Truck for Halloween. We got a kick out of every costume and we've posted a few of them below but in the end only one winner could enjoy those 31 free cupcakes. Well...sort of.

"The Wizard of Oz"
When you split the prize guys, try to keep Toto away from the Chocolate cupcakes.


"The Fried Electrician"
We love this guy's sense of humor.

"Lil Kraft Singles"
Kudos to our little friend for a really "krafty" homemade costume.

"The Smurfs"

Need we say more?

"The Easter Bunny"
They're all cute but how can you resist pink fuzzy ears?

"The Viking"
At least we think he's a viking.