Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday and Saturday events

Good morning Cupcake Truckers! Hope you enjoy this fabulous Friday. Thanks to Heather for having us stop by today for an early morning event — as in 7:15 am early :)

We will NOT be parking today or tomorrow but for those of you lucky enough to be at the Hopkins School tonight or at Albertus Magnus and our other top-secret party happening tomorrow, we'll see you very soon!

Thanks to Mary-Kate, Steve and Nancy for helping to organize our stop at the New Haven Register yesterday. A new Truck Stop is always fun and a great learning experience for us and we hope you all enjoyed our visit too. As "bookies" lovers...we hope to be able to browse and take home a few books ourselves next time.

One last note of thanks to those of you who stopped by the Fair Haven Farmer's Market yesterday evening and to Becky for inviting us.