Monday, March 9, 2009

The Truck will park this week

We're planning to be out Tuesday/Wednesday through Friday folks and we hope you are, too. Happy Monday!

By the way, we heard a funny story at Science Park last week and we thought you might enjoy it. Heck, maybe it happened to you yourself.

So this Cupcake Trucker — we'll call "Marge" — was doing a sweet deed and had bought a few cupcakes for a friend who was ill. She was taking them to her friend's house and somehow (she didn't tell us how and we didn't ask) caramel frosting got on her steering wheel. As she related it, she then had a moment of personal crisis as she tried to figure out how she could maneuver to LICK THE STEERING WHEEL without getting herself into trouble as she was driving. She must have figured it out because she arrived safe and sound at the Truck to tell the story with her friend who was feeling better but we thought that was one of the funniest stories we'd heard so far.

We've all seen folks "multitask" in their cars doing everything from applying makeup to scarfing down a sandwich but licking a steering wheel is a definitely a new one. Can you imagine how it would look watching someone drive down the road knawing at their wheel? :O)

It ranks up there with the story we heard (and this was in the Fall) about the man who tried to keep the Truck his own personal secret, sneaking out and going across town to buy cupcakes at lunchtime and refusing to tell his co-workers where he'd been. Until they pried it out of him.

It's all about enjoying life's simple treasures isn't it? Anyway have a great day and we'll see you later this week.