Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No parking Tuesday. Snow's coming

At least that's what the weather people say.

Sometimes we feel like we'd have more luck predicting the weather by licking a finger and holding it up to the wind. Know what we mean? Don't you often feel like your own index finger would be more accurate than this channel's "Try-Your-Luck-Cast 3000" or the other one's "Power of Eight Million Dopplers" :)

Anyway, as we've explained before, since we do our baking VERY early and have to make a decision about parking VERY early, all's we can do is tune in to the forecast and/or play it by ear. After much talk of snow starting last night and 1 to 3 inches and whatnot, it turns out that there won't be any snow till later today. But alas! There will be no cupcakes either.

Will we be out tomorrow? Hold on a bit while we lick our finger...

Have a great day!