Thursday, January 29, 2009

No parking today. Waaaay too icy!

Hello Cupcake Truckers! Hope you got to enjoy the snowy weather yesterday. Maybe you got to stay home from work and curled up with your kids, dog, S.O., a good book or a mug of hot cocoa. Hope so.

Boy, are we busy these days! Must be something going on this weekend. Oh, right. Football :)

Anyway, the Truck won't be parking today but we're gearing up for a busy next few days of cupcake deliveries. We will be out tomorrow with the usual Friday Fare. Plus, some Hummingbird.

Keep checking back. There's more exciting stuff coming for Valentine's Day, too. Like the fun promotion on which we're collaborating with the Arts Council of Greater New Haven. Wouldn't you like someone to show up at your office, offer you a Red Velvet Jones cupcake, maybe recite a sonnet about your loved one's undying affection, or dance the tango with you? Then, check out the promotion and order your Valentine-gram today!